Artists LMF 2013


The choir was founded in 2005 by the academic rector of Medical University in Łódź. The person appointed to create, coordinate and lead the team of artists was Anna Domańska, the conductor and art professor at Academy of Music in Łódź. The members of the choir are mainly the students of Medical University in Łódź and its alumni - medical doctors, pharmacists and lifesavers. They usually aren't educated musically however thanks to their passion in music and mutual singing they form an amazing group. This passion allowed for a dynamic development of the choir which resulted in a number of achievements, including international honours, like for example a Silver Diploma at V International Festival of Choirs in Macedonia or Silver Award at the international festival in Prague.




The Eight Group adds a new dimension to the definition of fire show. The fire show performed by the group is not an ordinary fire performance.

The show depicts electrifying history of Lodz, filled with emotions, dance and fire. Every spectacle performed by the Eight Group is an authentic artistic experience. 




The Conductor is a fully interactive audio-visual object in public space designed by Dariusz Makaruk. Every spectator may find himself on stage alone, without scenography and instruments. Movements and gestures of the performer on stage lead to visual and music effects. The project aims at making a search for new way of communication – through illusion. Spectrum of music chosen for the project varies from symphonic orchestra and harmonic melodies to noise and dark ambient. Improvised movement of the performer creates video and music instantly, allowing completely intuitive and human control of multimedia contents.






Municipal cultural institution established in 2005 when Academic Culture Centre and 77 Theatre merged. Institution concentrates on activation of academic community in field of culture and art. Since 2005, AOIA takes care and helps creators in various artistic projects. Philosophy of the assumes support for experienced as well as amateur artists, as without their commitment, particular sensitivity and present culture our actions would not make any sense. AOIA regularly cooperates with the largest centres of academic life in Łódź. During this year's Light. Move. Festival. artists from AOIA will participate in ANDY FASHION fashion show. This company is one of the most prestigious manufacturers of leather clothing and sheepskin coats. Those collections merge the latest fashion trends with interesting structural and technological solutions.


Fashion with light inspired by architecture. The presentation covers both classical plain projects and crazy ones full of original forms. Their common denominator is inspiration by architecture that ranges from monumental antiquity up to modern realizations. It turns out that architectural theme splendidly harmonizes with catwalk. The fashion show prepared for the Light. Move. Festival. is particularly inspired by architecture of Lodz. All the outfits are manufactured by the members of Illumination Scientific Group who will also act as models during the event.



The patron of this project is Adrian.



Umbrae umbram
This interactive installation interprets presence of people and objects in scene by their shadows. The public is encouraged to actively participate in unique shadow play. Besides amusement, the installation offers the opportunity for reflection on the matter of reality and illusion in our lives, being simultaneously an effort to fade boundaries between them.

Katarzyna Malejka (born 1985) lives and works in her home town, Toruń. Graduated from the art department of Nicolaus Copernicus University, obtaining university diploma with honours in 2009. Participated in plenty of group exhibitions and various cultural events. Favours public space projects ranging from minimal interference up to site-specific installations. Since 2011 continues education as a PhD student at her native university.

Partnership - CodeSource Robert Konklewski
Field of interest of CodeSource Robert Konklewski starts where possibilities of conventional mediocre IT solutions end. The firm is driven by fascination with state-of-the-art technology and ambition to take up brave and extraordinary projects. Cooperation with art and technology experts allows to unite digital world with the real one, computer science with aesthetics and subtlety with pure sciences, all to be seen during this year's edition of Light Move Festival.


Maecenas of this project is Promopixel.


An actress of Warsaws Syrena Theatre is going to take us on a musical journey across South America and Spain. During the concert Magda Navarrete will sing songs from the "Cafe Bolero Night" Show, the material from her solo album "IMAN", in which among others she sang in Spanish-language duet with Stanisław Soyka!

Magda Navarrete’s concert is an hour-long feast, during which bolero, flamenco and rumba rhythms are being served, rhythms full of dance and sounds of Spanish Cajons. 

Featuring actress will be Anahi Martincorena, flamenco dancer.



This music project merges two utmost music styles – bel canto and electronic music. This a risky, but still interesting, composition. The artists hope to create symbiosis of this remote worlds. They are fascinated by merging together everything that moves and creation of peculiar eclectism in art. Further development of the project would bring together different art genres into one multi-dimensional piece of art: opera, techno and pantomime… The team is formed by Agata Ostrowska – soprano singer and Adam Zajdel- guitarist, pianist, violonist and arranger.



Born in Erlangen in Bavaria, lives and works in Germany. Axel graduated from artistic academies in Nuremberg and Cracow. He had exhibitions in Germany, Poland, Austria, Romania, France and Great Britain and won numerous awards, e.g. Bavarian Art Prize for Visual Arts, easyCredit Art Award, Olympic Sport & Art.

His works cover classic topics of characters, landscapes and still life but always related to his own experiences and contemporary times.


The project prepared for the LMF 2013 refers to hip-hop culture from 1990s. because this is the time of Axel's growing up. Specific graffiti style is meant to cover a building elevation.







His website:



A  solist of Lublin Philharmonic, the manager of XV International Organ Festival Lublin-Czuby. One of the most welome artist in Poland, the producer of prestigious concerts, spectacles and music festivals. Graduated successively from Music High School in Lublin, the Academy of Music in Łódź and Hochschule für Musik in Düsseldorf. Took master courses in Switzerland and Czech Republic. Recognized as performing organist.  For past few years an active pianist and harpsichordist. His name pops out in concert programmes among the most prominent artists such as Wiesław Ochman, Georgij Agratina, Krzysztof Kolberger, Jerzy Zielnik, Olgierd Łukaszewicz, Włodzimierz Matuszak and Grażyna Barszczewska. He cooperates with Poznań Nightingales and Krzysztof Zanussi.Gave concerts during the most prestigious Polish, European and intercontinental  festivals. A guest lecturer at Swiss and German universities.


During the Light. Move. Festival. , Robert Grudzień will perform xxx organ concerto in the Pentecost Church.

The concerts will take place on Saturday at 8, 9 and 10 o'clock pm.



Harnam folk dance group is the oldest polish team of this kind, superior even to famous Mazowsze and Slask folk groups. It is worth to know that and recall. For over 61 years of operation, Harnam educated hundreds of dancers, inspired thousands of young people to further creative work and amassed enormous costume and choreographic, hence cultural, fortune.


Joanna Budner
A student of Architecture and Urban Planning at the Technical University of Lodz. A member of the scientific circle “9th Floor”. In 2011 she received the professional title of Architectural Engineer. Light installation inspired by paper forms. Glowing boats refer to both the name of the city and the flow in the area of the river Łódka (a boat) along which arose settlements in the fourteenth century, giving rise to the city of Lodz.

Natalia Siwińska
A student of the Architecture Faculty at the Technical University of Lodz. She appreciates the simplicity and sincerity of message and communication. Siwińska practices the knowledge that she has gained in everyday life, both private and professional , trying to compose the space around herself in a practical and structured way. The project represents one of those unwritten symbols of identity of Lodz –a cotton branch. It’s form is given in a very raw manner, welded together from metal parts. This is spposed to recall the association with austerity of big factories, with the metal of weaving machines. Through the illumination of the cotton balls a certain lightness is added to the project, it creates an impression that the best times are still ahead of Lodz.

Weronika Pawłowska
A student of Architecture and Urban Planning at the Technical University of Lodz, she received a degree in architecture in 2011. Architecture is not only her future professional path, but also her passion. She indulges herself in science of visualization and photography in her spare time. Light installation inspired by the phenomenon of the deposition of dew drops on a spider web. Placed between the trees in the dark part of the park is eye-catching and illuminates the surroundings . Glowing drops are going to emphasize the soft and shiny strands of the spider web.



Light and art at the Hildesheimer Wallungen 2013
Students of the Faculty created new highlights for the Hildesheim Wallungen festival The gray facade of the prison was bathed in magenta and green. A disco ball left the surrounding nature and the roofs sparkle. Kehrwiederturm shone in glowing red and black strands. Fluorescent light created by the glowing passages nightly parkland. In other places opened minimalist light gates and startling new perspectives. The students of the light art workshops had tried to explore the boundary between lighting design and light art. So different light objects and installations created in different places in Hildesheim. Along with the basic technology course of Mr. Wasserfurth and light art workshop by Prof. Schmits and Jan Obornik they created new highlights for the Hildesheimer Wallungen festival 2013. A swing on a parachute, in which one floated under clouds, a tangle of threads that made the position clear. Lollipops that were floating in the middle of the lake, a dilapidated bridge, which was enchanted by billowing clouds of light, a walk-steel sculpture that glowed irritating toasty inside. In addition, you could discover the messages of light trapped in a maze. It betrayed the shining eyes of the visitors, this was a great experience and a great success.

Nick Meyer
The sculpture „Light Gate“ blasts the viewing habits of a conventional input situation. The normalized static elements become alive by the movement of the viewer and allow an individual perspective.

Gregor Gartner

Flown away ... to dangle your soul, look upwards, let the clouds, swings .... An installation consisting of a swing, a parachute and a sky projection. Sit on the swing and look up at the "sky in the night sky".


Jannick Naumann

The black light installation was built for the first time at the Hildesheimer Wallungen 2013. On a 150m long section with a total of over 2000m fluorescent black light threads and hung next to a path on the trees. This path connected the entrance to the festival grounds. The viewer had the illusion of a tunnel of glowing threads. So the black light with glowing filaments created a passage through the night parkland.

Betty Rieckmann-walk-in
A walk-in light installation consisting of 6 m long stainless steel sheets, 3500 PE balls, and 500 LEDs. One can as a visitor to the soft, go inside protected by steel, which has a great contrast to the sharp, hard edges from the outside. One enters a protected world. Whether it is a reminiscent of the womb, a beautiful dream or a leave of childhood itself.

Melanie Biederer
Born in Munich, grew up on the Chiemsee, after a small trip around the world I moved to study in the north. My fascination with light, I realized during my work as a light jockey in a club in Würzburg. What power light has on the human psyche, I found very impressive and wanted to investigate. And so for two years now I have been studying Lighting Design in Hildesheim.
Closed Dreams
If you go along the path of the Rose Labyrinth, you can see the greatest desires of five female prisoners in the female prison of Hildesheim on five slides to see. At first sight invisible but with the help of a large cylindrical light in the center of the labyrinth the slides along the way become visible. The dreams are simple and honest.


Photos of these installation projects you can see here.


Composer, promoter, arts patron.


The author of solo, chamber and symphonic music. Well-known both in Poland and abroad. On music stage since 2007. He creates albums: Rozterka, Żądze, Lustra and Zegary. In 2012 as a composer wrote Kolory lata and Concertino. In April 2013 the premiere of composition entitled Melancholia took place in Shanghai. The most recent compositions of Janusz Bielecki are Symfonia Zmysłów and Sonata Libera.




The music passion of Mariusz Bielecki became a starting point to create artistic events on the highest level. The composer, within barely few years, hit the top of the polish artists-promoters and arts patrons culture and business. He promotes and supports young, talented creators, initiates interesting artistic projects, concerts and festivals. In 2009 he launched the Bielecki Art foundation which assists culture and science by arranging many artistic events, including numerous concerts, People4Culture art and business meetings and Screen & Sound Fest - Let’s See The Music in Cracov international festival.



An experienced architect specializing in architectural illuminations. Owner of the Qbik Architectural Studio in Nysa, concentrated on lighting design and illumination projects. Lecturer at the Institute of Architecture in PWSZ Nysa. The author of illumination projects of many historical and famous monuments and industrial objects in Poland, for example: The Crane of Gdansk, the National Museum in Kielce, Heritage Grenaries Complex in Grudziądz. Author of complex city master plans of Rzeszów and Klodzko Old Towns. Co-author of many nationwide mapping projects. He graduated from Architecture and Urban Design at Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice.

For Light Move Festival purposes he designed “Philips Zone” where light comes out to welcome and enhance all participants to visit it. Also as in the previous editions of the festival he prepared the complex architectural illumination design of the total festival space. Project represents metamorphosis of monumental city objects with a use of light. It also covers the park area, where light creates new utilities and aesthetics strongly connected with urban biosphere. The project was realized with a use of the latest Philips LED technology.



Bartek Smoczyński - born in 1971. He cultivates graphics, photography, installations and the effort of a publisher. Well-known as a creator of visual conceptions of books and catalogues, author of numerous posters, collector of rare publications. 


"The Architectural Object" project is the adaptation and the combination of two objects presented in 2011 ("Kienos" LMF 2011). The gallery realisation moves its centre of focus into the open and natural space constituting the antithesis of exposition environment. It is the extension of the analytical performance in ŁDK Imaginarium Gallery. This time the connected objects form a tunnel which is open and at the same time closed from two sides. "Repetition" is the reference to "Kienos" which apart from the fact of being a mirror reflection is also an objective and documentable medium of the extended virtual space. The visual part of artwork is a combination of the concept of nature with the concept of material world whereas chaos is an integral element of the construction.



Composer and sound designer.


"Flick! ABC"

Musical pieces to Julian Tuwim's poems for voice and instrumental ensemble intended both for children and adulds.

Vocal: Basia Raduszkiewicz

Music: Jarek Kordaczuk

Commisioned by: Children's Art Centre


Multimedia presentations of his musical projects:



Alessandro Della Bella, 1978, is a Swiss photographer specializing in portrait, nature, news and time lapse. Check out his work on or


Anssi Määttä  is a 27 year-old Helsinki based director. The Live Action Light Painting film was originally meant to be as a test for possible future projects, but gained a huge success on the internet.


Benjamin Taft, as a renaissance man of the digital age, with moving images as his weapon of choice, Benjamin captures the world as he sees it.

Video bio: When I got a call from the Swedish country pop band Sleeping Beauty asking me to do a video for their upcoming single City Lights I had just recently checked out the inspirational light painting works of people posting at and found my way to the amazing movies made by the japanese light-painting crew PIKAPIKA. Me, my crew and the band came up with our own take on it, hope you enjoy the results! 


Nicholas Buer is a timelapse cinematograpaher and landscape photographer from the UK.

For as long as he can remember he has had a strong interest in astronomy, gazing up at the night sky always has and always will fill him with a sense of wonder. This passion for the night has taken him to some of the most remote and beautiful parts of the planet as he strive to capture the atmosphere, power, beauty and serenity of the places he visit.

To view more of him work please visit:




Lodz University of Technology Academic Choir (Lodz, Poland) was originally an all male choir founded by Electrical Engineering students in 1968. Nowadays it is a four-part mixed choir made up of under-graduates and graduates of Lodz universities, mainly of the Lodz University of Technology. During over the 40 years of its existence the choir has participated in numerous festivals and choral music contests in Poland and abroad. The past ten years have been very fruitful and full of artistic achievement. In 1995 the choir took part in Eurotreff Musik workshop in Bühl-Baden (Germany).

The conductor of the choir is Jerzy Rachubiński. He studied Music and Conducting at Lodz Academy of Music with Professor Tadeusz Błaszczyk and Voice at the Bydgoszcz Academy of Music with Professor Jadwiga Gałęska-Tritt.



Sonia Hensler, a graphic artist, designer, illustrator with over a decade of experience in functional and artistic graphics. She specializes among others in illustrations, graphic manuals, websites, custom-made porters and large-size printing. As she emphasizes, her residence in Cornwall-London greatly inspires her graphic taste. Victorian style influences her artistic work and she rediscovers it’s values in each project.

Four illustrations from Sonia Hensler will be exhibited during the third edition of LMF.

Blue Hope

There is blue hope overhead, beyond the confinement of turmoil.
Below, there is dancing at the masquerade:
Marionettes tangle under sinister and subtle manipulation,
follow steps on strings in grand coordination.
I am staring into the open eye of a mask, distractingly beautiful, to see what
moves over there,
behind the velvet curtain.
We keep busy but I am boxed in.
All is plastic and clean in the cage but there is so much fear of what is up there.
Here we are afraid of death.
We don’t like the dark and are scared of shadows and wolves.
Blue hope is clear of closed cages.
I wrestle with my unsanitary self and feel shame at my most base desires.
This cage is built of denial, glued by the illusion of dominion.
(Description of Sonia’s illustrations)



Damian Bogusiak
Half of the music-vj collective Hurden Husket, representative of vj art forerunners in Poland. Winner of Polish VJ Championships and Videozone. Together with several Yach winner - Łukasz Rusinek, graphic artist - cooperates with Paprika Korps group offering visualization during band tours.

Rabie Rahou
Graphic artist and 3D animator, specialized in creation of art concepts - from hyper-realistic to cartoon. His portfolio varies as much as environment he has worked in. He wins public's recognition through picturesque, colourful illustrations.

Robert Słowik
Specialized in 3D modelling and animation favours especially particle design. He intends to produce an art house short film. However, he still has not decided whether the film should be inspired by his interests in astronomy or behavioural psychology.

Sebastian Jachimowicz
Visualization designer of several festivals: Nowe Horyzonty, Tauron Nowa Muzyka, Unsound and OFF Festival. He is stamped by his professional visual live act experience of 10 years. As an artist he tends to exceed content frameworks and amuse by symmetry and equal divisions. He expects vj art to get into galleries and museums for good.

Sławek Fąfara
Author and co-author of multiple animated TV productions and event visualizations. Recently particularly satisfied with project for Screen & Sound Festival and spot. Architect and animator. Works too much.

Wojtek Brzozowski
Animator and digital painter. Besides post production, creates conceptual projects. Author of artistic setting for new European Discovery programme line-up. Dreams of another art house puppetry animation. Concerned with art for so long that he decided to let off steam by doing sports.