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Lux Pro Monumentis Foundation

In February 2011 Beata Konieczniak took the initiative to establish the Lux Pro Monumentis Foundation.
1. Mirosław Kuliś,
2. Beata Konieczniak,
3. Norbert Wasserfurth – Grzybowski,
4. Krzysztof Pawłowski,
5. Krzysztof Stefański.
Lux Pro Monumentis Foundation Members:
Jerzy Wyrozumski – Deputy of the Board
Norbert Wasserfurth – Grzybowski – Member of the Board
Barbara Wiaderna – Member of the Board
Beata Konieczniak – Foundation Councillor
Krzysztof Pawłowski – Foundation Councillor
Krzysztof Stefański – Foundation Councillor

The mission and objectives of the foundation

Lux Pro Monumentis Foundation is a group of architecture and cultural heritage lovers, city well-wishers and fans of modern technologies and possibilities they offer. We are aware of Lodz's great potential - citizens and unique architecture.

The main goal of Kinetic Art Festival of Light, Light. Move. Festival., established by Lux Pro Monumentis is a permanent change of city image that would lead to attract the number of people seeking aesthetic sensations that can be provided by light and the latest technology. We believe that the Festival with its unusual form of exposure has a chance to alter the image of Lodz. Light as a medium is the least intrusive and on the other hand the most effective way of getting the attention of recipient. Festival events are addressed to all people that are aesthetically sensitive, interested in experiencing something intellectually stimulating, what light can provide.

Every edition of Light. Move. Festival. meets with great interest of dwellers and tourists. Free and open form of the event allows everyone to participate. During each edition of the Festival the intention of Lux Pro Monumentis Foundation is to make Lodz for three days as crowded as possible and to help the city to become artistically inspiring for locals, tourists and people associated with culture.

The main goals of Lux Pro Monumentis Foundation assume:
a) promotion of cultural heritage and artistic activity by propagation and support of cultural initiatives;
b) support in the field of revitalization and animation of historic monuments by their illumination;
c) stimulation of local communities by education, culture, art, protection of tradition and promotion of social cultural activity;
d) European integration and development of connections and interactions of societies;
e) propagation of regional culture.

The concept of Festival of Kinetic Art of Light, Light. Move. Festival., materialized at the turn of 2009 and 2010. Beata Konieczniak and Norbert Wasserfurth – Grzybowski were the initiators and main contributors.

Current activities of the Foundation enclose:
• organization of the Festival of Kinetic Art of Light, Light. Move. Festival. (already three editions). Light is used to highlight cultural and architectural city potential. Green lighting technology is promoted by unique illuminations, installations, 3D mappings and large format projections. The 2nd edition in 2012 gathered over 90.000 participants. The event is free of charge.
• propagation of green energy-saving lighting technology;
• promotion of history and cultural heritage of Lodz;
• social activities for local communities aimed at propagation of aware public space creation;
• Publication of Techne- periodical created in cooperation with city art historians and architects;
• cooperation with art and technical universities;
• preparation of Lodz province historic preservation documentation.

Meeting of these goals is achieved by:
a) inspiring and constant support for research, projects and realizations that lead to development of culture and cultural heritage;
b) public statements;
c) organization of conferences, seminars, trainings, contests and workshops;
d) organization of local, national and international cultural events;
e) publications and exhibitions;

f) cooperation with national and local government offices, and other entities for historic monuments promotion and various cultural activities; g) material and financial support for individuals and institutions (grants for young artists, assistance for historic preservation);
h) advisory and informative activity;
i) organization of cultural and promotional events;
j) support for scientific research;
k) other activities that lead to realization of statutory objectives set by Foundation;
l) cooperation with other foundations, associations and non-governmental organizations.

We exist for the city and the Festival of Kinetic Art of Light is an event creating its image.
We are open to cooperation with other organizations and individuals who love beauty and are aware of great value of cultural heritage.
Do not hesitate to contact us!

Support the Foundation

Lux Pro Monumentis foundation is a legally constituted non-governmental organization (NGO) independent from any form of government. This non-profit organization is funded by private donations, grants from international partners and national government.
Lux Pro Monumentis Foundation
Honorary Patrons:
Joanna Chełmińska, Voivod of Lodz
Hanna Zdanowska, Mayor of Lodz
National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management
Principal Partner:
The City of Lodz
Strategic Partners:
Philips Lighting Poland
PGE – Polska Grupa Energetyczna
PGF – Polska Grupa Farmaceutyczna


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