Light Move Festival / Pomóż fundacji

Pomóż fundacji

A donation to “Lux Pro Monumentis” Foundation account number: PKO SA 97 1240 3073 1111 0010 3852 5231 greatly helps to achieve the objectives of foundation. Please provide us with your email address so we could say “Thank You”.

Becoming a donor aids the foundation in many ways:

• You are helping to create another edition of Light Move Festival, you guarantee free of charge, egalitarian access to of the ten largest light festivals in Europe.

• You promote new image of Lodz in Poland as well as abroad, because Lodz is unique in every possible way.

• Hence we emphasize its heritage by using energy-saving LED technology.

• We use light as a medium to bring out cultural and architectural potential of our city.

• You promote eco-friendly lighting technologies therefore you help to realize the importance of making responsible decisions every day in every aspect of society.

• You show in literal and effective, with the help of light as a medium how people can create the surroundings, by contributing to high format video projections and 3D mapping.

• Finally you support creativity, decisiveness and a sense of having influence on the surrounding us everyday reality. The activities of our foundation are aimed towards citizens of Lodz, young artist, engineers as well as government employees to convince them to pro-social activities

The shared goal of our activities is to make a positive change in the urban space.
We want Lodz to shine with brand new light.

We thank you for your concern!

“Lux Pro Monumentis” foundation is a non-profit and non-governmental organization. All profits are only redirected to achieve our statutory goals.